How long have you been a Mistress?

I was born a Mistress and have been seeing submissives since the summer of 2015.

What is your favourite drink?

Champagne of course! Tattinger or Lanson will suffice.

Do you have an Amazon wishlist so I can buy you a gift Mistress?

Yes I do. Please refer to My Wish List page.

Do you smoke Mistress?

No I do not smoke and neither will you when you are in My presence.

Do you offer sexual services Mistress?

Again, no I do not, so I trust you would never ask this of me.

May I drink alcohol or use drugs before arriving for a session?

Alcohol and drugs make for a dangerous combination and would not be appropriate or safe within a BDSM environment. If I detect that you are under the influence of either when arriving for a session with Me, then you will be refused entry and the session will not take place. If any deposit was paid then you would also lose this deposit for wasting my time.

Do you session with anyone Mistress?

Yes, although I am extremely fussy about who I grant a session with. Those who are new to the world of submission are also welcomed. I am also happy to see both couples and females.

What size high heels do you wear Mistress?

I wear a perfect size UK 5½ and love high heels and boots.

What are your favourite types of fetish clothing Mistress?

I love to wear Latex and PVC. Again you are welcome to purchase this type of clothing for me as a gift as it would be greatly appreciated.

What size dress are you Mistress?

I am a  size 12/14.

Do you travel Mistress?

No, I do not. Subs and slaves must crawl to me on their hands and knees.

Do you sell used or worn clothing Mistress?

Yes, I sell used and unwashed panties, nylons and stockings. These start from £25. So beg hard slaves and contact me for more details.